About Us

Kim Mayes has been a native of Morgan Hill, CA for nearly 25 years.  She’s been an active participant in local school volunteer positions, Morgan Hill pony baseball and local Boy Scouts helping to shape the south valley community. 

Cheese on Board came from her decades of time and effort providing amazing and artful food creations at family gatherings, local events and friendly get togethers.  

Kim took her love for both the south county and for fine and thoughtful food and blended them together to create what has become Cheese on Board.   

 Cheese on Board is the perfect combination of culinary delight coupled with the passion of the south valley wine and fine food scene.  The vibrant south county wine community was a perfect fit for Kim’s artfully crafted charcuterie creations. 

Her wonderful creations are perfect for family gatherings, celebrating weddings and baby showers as well as casual events like picnics or a day of wine tasting at your favorite south county winery.

Pick up a hand crafted and beautifully created charcuterie creation for you and your significant other or for a large gathering of friends.  Cheese on Board is here to help make your day, weekend, wedding reception, baby shower or day of wine tasting the best it can be.